Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Marathon & 50K

Welcome to the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Marathon & 50K!
Saturday March 13, 2021 @ 7:30am

Thanks to all the volunteers and participants of this years race! We hope you enjoyed yourselves and will come back next year!


2021 RESULTS: Marathon | 50K

On this run, you will experience some of Montgomery County, Maryland’s finest single-track trails meandering along the beautiful Seneca Creek in Seneca State Park.  This scenic trail is muddy, rocky, rooty, hilly and steep in sections with no major elevation gain/loss. This is a challenging but beautiful run for all!

IMPORTANT! COVID-19 Agreement for Participants.

By registering for this event, you agree to follow these important safety protocol and acknowledge that any participant not adhering to this protocol will be removed from the race without refund.  Thank you for your cooperation!

As a participant in the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Marathon & 50K, you agree to the following policies and procedures.  We understand that these new procedures may make this racing experience different from past races, but they are necessary to ensure the health and safety of runners, volunteers, and everyone in our community.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

1. If you are not feeling well on the day of the race or have not felt well within the two weeks prior to the race, please stay home.  You can find information about the symptoms of COVID-19 and the risks to yourself and your community online.

2. Please ALWAYS maintain social distance (at least 6 feet) from all individuals not in your immediate household.

3. Masks, properly fitted to cover both the nose and mouth, are required to be worn at all times except during the actual race.  You may remove your mask after crossing the start line and must put it back on after crossing the finish line.

4. Runners will start the race in socially distant groups of 10 with a new group starting every 3 minutes.  Runners will be pre-assigned to a starting group and must start within that group.  If necessary, the Race Director may adjust the starting groups to ensure the safety of participants.

5. Runners should maintain social distance on the paths during the race and should place their masks back on if they need to pass another runner.  Runners should pass on the left.

6. After crossing the finish line, runners are required to put their masks back on.

7. Runners may take a refreshment package at the end of the finish chute and should proceed to their vehicles and prepare to depart the park.  No congregating in the finish area or in the park after the race is permitted. Runners should remain at their vehicle until they feel they are safe to drive.

Please read below for more information on the location, course, and post-race.

Individual runners choose at the decision point (~27.7 miles) to finish the “marathon” (~28 miles) or run a loop around Clopper Lake to complete a 50k.

Race Cancellation: As this race is in March, the weather is very unpredictable. In the past, we’ve had some weather incidents which have interfered with the race plans. In the event of inclement weather, we will make the tough decision to cancel the race if the weather conditions are dangerous. We do not take this decision lightly and are concerned about the safety of the runners and volunteers. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds or bib exchanges if you change your mind — even if the race is canceled or moved due to weather.  Additionally, due to COVID-19, we are subject to the descretion of our permitting partners who are of the authority to call off the event for any reason.  In any of these circumstances, we would aim to inform our registrants as quickly as possible. The health and safety of participants, volunteers and the community at large are the overarching criteria which would be considered in deciding whether a race should be canceled. All participants are urged to check the race website as well as the Facebook page in the days leading up to an event for the most current event conditions and updates.

Bib Transfers: Due to COVID-19, race entries for the 2021 event are NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

Awards: There will be NO AWARDS for age groups, etc. for the 2021 event.

Start/Finish Locations, Parking, & Bib Pickup:

Start/Finish: Seneca Creek State Park, Nuthatch Pavilion (park map)

Seneca Creek State Park 11950 Clopper Road Gaithersburg, MD, 20878 (Google map; GPS: 39.141111, -77.266222)

Directions: From I-270, exit at Clopper Rd W (MD 117). Proceed about 2 miles to the Seneca Creek State Park entrance on your left.

Parking: Following signs to the race parking after you pass the gatehouse (turn right, then go 3/4 of a mile to sign for Nuthatch & Bluejay). Parking will be at the parking lot at the Nuthatch Pavilion and along the entry drive. Please follow the instructions of the parking volunteers.

Packet Pick-up: ***A drive-thru packet pick-up will take place on Friday, March 12th (in the evening) at the MCRRC Clubhouse in Rockville, MD (14672 Southlawn Lane, Suite I, Rockville, MD 20850). Details will be provided the week of the event to all registered participants. Anyone unable to pick up their race materials on Friday must obtain special permission for race morning pickup.  Please contact ***

Timing Chip: All participants will be pre-assigned start times with the fastest participants starting first and the slower runners to follow. Chips will be used for timing, but please ensure your bib is visible on your front at all times during the race.

Course Description, Aid Stations, & Cut-off Times

Course Maps: Please check out our course maps  (GoogleStravaHelloDrifterJpeg image) – with markers for parking, start, aid stations, decision point (marathon vs. 50k), and finish. The course will be single track dirt trails on rolling hills, with a total elevation gain of ~ 2200ft. Please note the “marathon” is closer to 28 miles. Expect mud, ice, rocks, roots, and slick crossings – be careful! The marathon & 50k runners will start at 8:00am. Individual runners choose at the decision point (~27.7 miles) to opt for the “marathon” (~28 miles) or run a loop around Clopper Lake to complete a 50k. After 3:25 pm, the 50k option is no longer available at the decision point, and all remaining runners are diverted for a “marathon” finish.

Cut-off Times After 3:40 pm, the 50k option is no longer available at the decision point, and all remaining runners are diverted for a “marathon” finish. Cut-offs will be strictly enforced.

Course Etiquette:

  • Passing other runners and trail users –if someone is trying to pass you from behind please step off to the side to allow them to pass.  The runner from behind should give a polite warning such as “on your left” and kindly move to the left to let them by. When you are passing another runner, you are required to put on your face covering (covering both nose and mouth).  If you are being passed, please put back on your mask as well.
  • Please thank the volunteers – Without them, we wouldn’t have this great race for you to run! Their hard work and dedication are very much appreciated.

Do not litter – Either carry your trash or leave it at the aid stations. We are operating under permits from and litter could threaten the acquisition of permits in the future. Littering along the trail will be cause for disqualification.

Aid Stations: Spaced every 5-8 miles, with water, snacks, and lemon Gatorade. This is a cup-free event – runners must bring a water bottle. Please see pre-race instructions, which will be sent to all registered runners, regarding COVID-19 and aid stations

Aid station Distance Amenities Cutoff
Start 0 No Porta-potties 7:30 – 8:30 am start
Rt 28 7.3 miles Drink, snacks, No porta-potty
Berryville 15 miles Drinks, snacks, drop bags 12:45 pm
Rt 28 19.5 miles Drink, snacks, No porta-potty 2:45 pm
Riffle Ford Rd. 26.8 miles Drink, snacks, No porta-potty 4:15 pm
Decision Point 27.7 miles (No-aid) 3:40 pm
Marathon Finish ~28 miles No Picnic @ Nuthatch Pavilion 5:15 pm
50K ~31.9 miles No Picnic @ Nuthatch Pavilion 5:15 pm

Bibs & Timing:  This event will feature chip timing.  Timing chips will be fixed to the back of your bib — please remove the chip and fasten it to the laces of one of your shoes.

Water bottles: Every runner is expected to carry their own water bottle. The aid stations will not have cups.

Drop Bags: We will allow 1 bag drop at the Berryville Road aid station. Please place bags on the tarp beside the registration table and they will be transported by our volunteer crew. Put your items in an easily recognizable bag of your choosing CLEARLY marked with your name (easily identifiable makes for easily retrieved).Note bags will not be returned so there will be trash cans to dispose of the bag after you collect your stuff.

Safety: Please carry a cell-phone. You must stop at road crossings — CARS a have the right-of-way! Course marshals may be present, but traffic does not stop. The race is on single-track dirt trails that may be icy, snowy, muddy with rocks, roots, and slick wooden bridges — pay attention and be careful! Additionally:

  • Headphones are discouraged on single-track trails. It makes it difficult to hear people or animals coming up behind or beside you.
  • Injuries –  Inform another runner that you are injured and ask that they notify race officials at the next aid station or checkpoint.
  • Please stay on the designated trails – The trails were constructed to eliminate erosion, protect vegetation and keep soil on the trail. 

DNF’s: If for any reason you find yourself unable to finish your race, please make your way to the nearest aid station and let the volunteers know. Due to covid you will have to call a friend or a lift service to get you back to car. If you drop please let the volunteer at aid station know. You keep your chip and bib.

Spectators: Crew and other “support persons” are prohibited for the 2021 event due to gathering limitations as a result of COVID-19. Please understand that this is a necessary measure to manage gathering limitations and any violations could result in our inability to secure permits for future MCRRC events.  Please ensure your friends and family are aware of this 2021 protocol.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Post-Race Picnic: Cancelled for 2021.

Results and Photos: Results and free high-quality photos are typically available on Facebook website after the race.